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Rumsey Retro Radio is a radio station located in Rumsey, Alberta, Canada.The station was started in 2009 by Bob Braaksma. Initially it was a neat way for Bob to share his antique radio show collection with friends but over the years it has grown into a popular local and internet radio station.

Rumsey Retro is supported by Volunteers and Donations from listeners. The real magic of the station is found in the many volunteer hours that the hosts contribute building programming, organizing shows, managing servers and the website. Combine that with the help of our committed supporters and listeners and you have a great retro radio station! The station's broadcast is accomplished using two Apple computers with specialized software. The terrestrial signal is sent from the computer through a mixer and to a studio interface system. After that the signal is sent to a low power AM transmitter, located on a 55 foot tower.

During the summer of 2020 the AM antenna was struck by lightning and took some damage, we are hoping to replace it next summer if possible.

The internet stream is sent out using a streaming software then out to the world on a "4G" internet system which is a unique type of internet connection available in our remote location.

Thanks for enjoying our efforts and supporting and listening to Rumsey Retro!


When I started Rumsey Retro Radio in 2009 I had the sponsorship of a small business that I operated at the time. Since 2017 due to changes in my health, coupled with economic changes in Alberta, it has become increasingly more difficult to provide for the bulk of the expenses related to operating Rumsey Retro. However, since then the generous support of Listeners and Volunteers has helped to keep the station going. My goal is this, with your continued support for monthly expenses and the costs to replace aging equipment, we will  keep Rumsey Retro Radio Broadcasting!

Thank You so much for your help!


Mail to:

239-1 Ave, Rumsey, AB, Canada, T0J 2Y0.

Station operated by:

Bob Braaksma

Rumsey Retro Radio!

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